Scott Dixon

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Scott at Candy Skull comes from a rich history of tattooists. In 1977 his father,Albert, and his cousin Alan
Dixon started to learn the process of tattooing from Alan’s home in Salford, perfecting their skill on willing
‘guinea pigs’ friends, until they opened their first shop in Farnworth in 1979.

After going their separate ways in the early 80’s Scott’s dad Albert started tattooing in the back room of the Men’s Den hairdresser’s on Liverpool Street, Salford. Scott’s cousin Alan embarked on a journey to Sennelager in Germany to tattoo the British Armed forces, this turned out to be a great success.

Soon Albert was tattooing in Munster where he spent two very successful years, again tattooing the army lads. Alan stayed in Germany and married a local girl, and after opening numerous tattoo shops both hear and abroad he has now settled down in Florida with his family run Tattoo studio called Alan’s Cool Ink.

Meanwhile, Albert left Germany homesick, and opened a studio on Langworthy Road in Salford. He carved out a successful career there until his ill health and retirement in 1999.

It wasn’t until his father Albert’s funeral in 2002 that Scott had an overwhelming desire to tattoo and carry on the family business. Scott is now running a successful studio, Candy Skull, Chorley Road, Swinton.

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